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An interactive dimension to your website.

An interactive website gives a whole new experience and lease of “life” to your visitors.

A dynamic website can enable your clients to interact with your website in an endless number of ways. Whether it be simply allowing your user to fill out a “contact us” form or something more complicated such as a fully interactive social networking type website, at alt web design UK we make the process as simple as possible for you.

There are multiple programming language’s out there that all create the same end product, we take into consideration, speed, reliability and most importantly security when programming your website.

We ensure that all programming code we write for you are secure from hacking/sql attacks and that any important information is securely encrypted within an online database.

Adding a dynamic dimension to your website will give a complete new experience to your visitor, the key being ease of use, which at alt web design, we always take into consideration.

We offer php, asp, mysql, java script, Ajax, as dynamic solutions as well as valid XHTML and CSS for static solutions.

As well as creating custom programmed scripts for your website, we also do customisation of existing scripts and bug fixing, which will enable you to bring to us a pre-made script you already have and have us customise it further for you.