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Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Placement

Making yourself accessible on the web

Search engine optimization is a key element if you want people to find your website in the search engine rankings. People will search for you using a keyword that relates to your business such as, “web designer”; although this is a highly competitive keyword finding yourself in the top 10 of search engine results is a great task.

We offer both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL SEO.

Internal SEO refers to optimizing your personal website, ensuring all relevant tags are in place, all headers are set, all keywords are used, ensuring links are set up correct and most importantly creating a “hierarchy” within your website, this allows the search engines to index your most important content first.

External SEO involves numerous methods. An important external optimization method is link trading. It is important to have incoming links pointing to your relevant content and having the incoming link use the correct anchor text/keyword. There are also other methods such as article postings, press releases and blog articles, all of which can help with external optimization.

Most top search engines add you to their directory automatically within a short period of time, however there are many other smaller search engines that don’t, we offer a service where we manually submit your website to the top 10 search engines as well as other smaller ones.

We can track all of your web stats which includes number of visitors, their location and how they found your website, this enables you to easily track who is coming from where.