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About Company

A brief overview of alt web design uk.

My name is Craig Murphy; I am a freelance website designer, developer and programmer from the West Midlands England.

I have been a web designer for over 5 years and recently decided to do web design as a profession.

I have I.T qualifications at GCSE grade double C, which were gained at high school, which involves Databases, Word processing and Web site design/Web site development.

I am also a website Search Engine Optimiser and a web site content/web site article writer.

As a freelance web designer, I decided to take things a step further by, instead of just offering average website design and programming, to offer expert website design and programming.

I decided there was no point in being average at web design and web programming and so I decided to excel and concentrate on graphic design and get a team of dedicated expert coders behind me.

Due to the huge increase in demand for work, I decided to start looking for a dedicated full time employee, finding a highly suitable php programmer, I decided to start offering more advanced and custom scripts and a service dedicated purely to php programming. From there work increased via word of mouth and the company was building up a database of re-occurring clients, as well as clients whose websites were receiving coverage in the media via TV and magazine articles.

Fast forwarding I have expanded rapidly and carefully hired a number of expert graphics designers and php programmers. The hiring process took place over several weeks with numerous tasks having too be passed in order to thoroughly analyse the potential new employees.

Now all work is done in-house and thoroughly scrutinised too maintain our high level of quality assurance and client satisfaction.


The team behind your website.

Craig: C.E.O and head of project management

Don: Head PHP Programmer

Noel: Head Graphics Designer

Dustin: PHP Programmer and CSS/XHTML expert


We are hiring!

We are always on the lookout for industry professionals who can bring a new depth and quality to our work.

Please email your C.V to craig @ altwebdesignuk .com

Currently we are looking for a SALES REPRESENTATIVE: This will require you to act as a online, remote sales rep who will recruit new clients on a highly competitive commission basis.

Please email craig @ altwebdesignuk .com